Welcome to the AAM 2011 Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo™ – Houston, Texas – May 22-25, 2011

Welcome to our initial meeting place for the 2011 AAM Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo™, to be held in Houston from May 22 – 25. We will use this space to gather together the interesting news and developments that arise as we prepare for the meeting, and provide you with insight into the city of Houston and the experiences we think you will enjoy as you make your plans to join us.

In many ways, we think of Houston as the “city of tomorrow.” Consider our cultural and ethnic diversity, widely regarded as leading the way for the trends the United States will follow generations from now, to the rapidly evolving energy, medical and space science industries for which Houston is known and the dramatic growth that has transformed the city in the last 50 years. Add to that the fact that our metropolitan area is home to more than 130 museums and cultural institutions, all making plans for their role in our future.

“The city of tomorrow” will bring you “The Museum of Tomorrow,” our annual meeting theme, when AAM convenes in Houston in 2011. Bookmark this page, sign up for e-mail updates, check the links for more information on the conference and the city, and be sure to visit the AAM homepage as well. See you in Houston!

-Dr. Peter Marzio, Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
and General Chair, AAM 2011 Annual Meeting


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