Hello Los Angeles!

There are more than 30 delegates from the Greater Houston region in LA for the 2010 AAM Annual Meeting. We are all having a great time meeting and greeting new friends and inviting everyone to Houston for next year’s conference.

Thank you for visiting our blog. Subscribe for email notifications on updates to the blog. Information about how to register for a chance to win the Houston VIP package will be included in an upcoming post. The full contents of the prize are still under wraps, but I can guarantee you – it’s going to be awesome for the winner during next year’s AAM conference; a chance for them to experience our great city in the lap of luxury and through the eyes of a local.  Stay tunes and be sure to subscribe!

We are looking forward to Wednesday…not because it’s the last day of the conference (we’ll be sad to see it come to an end) but because there are two really exciting Houston happenings that day. The Houston delegation will kick off the morning over breakfast with the LA conference planning team to officially “pass the torch” from one host city to the next!  Our LA friends have done a fantastic job in 2010 and have left some pretty big shoes to fill for next year’s annual meeting. We’ll do our best to meet and exceed your expectations!

Members of the Los Angeles Host Committee pass the torch to Houston delegation representatives.

Then, during Wednesday’s general session, our very own Jon Iszard will welcome everyone to Houston in 2011. Jon, who is the President of The Health Museum in Houston and the co-chair for the Local Host Committee’s PR & Marketing Subcommittee, has some exciting surprises up his sleeve, so we hope all of our new friends in LA will be there to cheer him on!

As soon as we return to Houston, we’ll be gearing up to get everything ready for next year’s AAM Annual Meeting.  We want to make sure we plan the conference you want to attend.  Tell us below – WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE OR DO IN HOUSTON IN 2011?

Monica Rhodes
Local Conference Coordinator
2011 American Association of Museums Annual Meeting
May 22 – 25, 2011   *   Houston, Texas


3 responses to “Hello Los Angeles!

  1. Any news about that VIP package contest? 🙂

    • Hi Seth! We’re working on it! Sign up for email notifications via the box at the top of the page. We’ll send out information on how to register for a chance at the package as soon as we’ve finalized all of the details. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Great! I’m pretty sure that I m now subscribed.

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