People in the Know need to Know about Houston Museums!

When you visit a new city – where you don’t know anyone – who do you ask for info about where to go, what to see? The “People in the Know,” of course! Cabbies and Concierges (aka folks in the transportation and hospitality industries!)

Houston has many great reasons why it attracts thousands of visitors each year. It’s truly a cosmopolitan city with a diverse offering of attractions, cultural events, strange sites and fun that appeals to just about everyone.  However, there are still so many of our tastiest cultural morsels and museums that are still under the radar.

Those “People in the Know” can help! We need to make sure hotel front line and sales staffs, including concierges, and taxi cab drivers, and others in the transportation industry, know about Houston’s fabulous museum community so that they, in turn, can help promote it and drive visitors to our doors.
In addition, it’s also important for those who work in visitor services positions in museums to know more about Houston’s wonderful collection of museums.

Thanks to the AAM Annual Meeting coming to Houston in May, Houston’s entire museum community has a unique opportunity to connect with and get in front of these important Houston ambassadors. 

The AAM Hospitality Information Event Task Force has scheduled two outreach events to connect museums to these groups. And, in order to make it successful, we need your help!

Hotel / Museum Front Line Staff Event
Monday, May 9 from 5:30 – 8 pm
The Health Museum

Cocktail party style, networking galore. All attendees, from museum front line staff to hospitality industry reps, will have a “passport” that must be “stamped” by museum reps, after they’ve given their spiel.  Once completed, the “passport” can be redeemed for a packet of free passes, and a handy small ring-bound handout featuring stats on all the museums participating in AAM.

To get the full effect, we’ll encourage attendees to stop in the museum auditorium for a 10 minute info session on AAM related activities and details, happening every half hour throughout the evening.

Transportation Family Picnic
Sunday, May 15 from 1 – 3 pm
The Menil Collection Lawn

A family-friendly picnic with root beer and bar-b-que on the lovely grounds of The Menil Collection. Museums will host booths with fun hands-on activities and pass out collateral to attendees from the transportation industry, including cab drivers, bus drivers, shuttle drives, and their families. Attendees will have a “passport” they’ll get signed as they visit booths. The completed passport can be turned in for a packet of museum passes (one per family) and the handy small ring-bound handout featuring stats on all the museums participating in AAM.


  • ATTEND BOTH EVENTS! Make sure your museum is represented at both events. Tell your front line staff about both events and have them attend. Please have them wear something representative of your museum, so that they are easy to spot in the crowd. RSVP with the name(s) of who is attending each event from your museum by April 30 to
  • PROVIDE ACTIVITIES FOR THE TRANSPORTATION EVENT! Be sure you have family-friendly hands-on activities and collateral for this event at The Menil; enough for 200 guests. Let us know by April 30 what your activity(s) will be and who from your museum will be manning your booth.
  • PROVIDE 500 PASSES! Please give us 500 passes to your museum for the packets being distributed at each event. This amount will cover both events. If you are a free museum, we encourage you to create some sort of pass or coupon / offer that can be “tracked” on your end and allow us to have something representing your museum in the packets we are distributing. Please send, mail or drop off these tickets to Maureen Maiuri at The Weather Museum, 5104 Caroline, Houston, TX 77004, by April 30.

Questions? Please contact Maureen Maiuri or KC Scharnberg, co-chairs of the Hospitality Information Event Task Force at or, respectively.

Thanks! We all look forward to working with your museum on these events!

–Maureen Maiuri, KC Scharnberg, Cecelia Ottenweller, Anna Hawley, Stephanie Manning

Hospitality Information Event Task Force members


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