Sneak Preview: The Membership Program of Tomorrow

What will membership look like in the future? Listen to what Dana Hines, President & CEO, Membership Consultants, Saint Louis, Mo., has to say (click on Dana’s name for audio!).

Hines will be chairing the session “The Membership Program of Tomorrow: Envisioning the Future of Membership,” on Sunday, May 22 from 2:45 PM-5:30 PM at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

The audience leads this session on envisioning the future of membership, including who our members will be, what they might want and how we’ll find them or they’ll find us. The session wraps up with group conclusions and the perspectives of four consultant experts in the museum, membership, communications and strategy fields.

Presenters include Nick Allen, Chief Strategy Officer, Donordigital, Berkeley, Calif.; Noreen Ahmad, New York; Mae Daniller, President, Daniller & Company, Austin, Tex.; and Elizabeth Garza, Houston Zoo, Houston.

–Dewey Blanton, American Association of Museums


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