Special Free Art Gallery Tour for AAM attendees – Saturday, May 21, 4 – 8 pm

Hello AAM and museum friends! 

Gus Kopriva of RedBud Gallery, Wayne Gilbert of G Gallery, and Catherine Anspon, PaperCity magazine Fine Arts & Social Editor and author of the new and exciting book, ” Texas Artists Today,”  here! 

We are hosting a special (and gratis!) tour of some of Houston’s premiere gallery spaces, planned especially for AAMers, on Saturday, May 21 from 4 – 8 pm (from the Hilton Americas Houston hotel) and hope that you can join us!

Houston is a proven leading international center of business, trade, medicine, education and art. Houston has always maintained a leading position in the arts and is proud to introduce AAM attendees to a small taste of what has become accepted as the Third Coast of American Art.  

 G Gallery

The tour will start with a little glance at just a few of our past Presidents, large sculptures by Houston artist David Adickes, while in route to the historic Houston Heights for a look at the RedBud Gallery, G Gallery and NauHaus gallery. This cluster of galleries highlights a largely eclectic mix of art from every genre, exhibiting early, middle and late career artists. It is not unusual to have a world famous artist in one gallery, a locally renowned artist in another and a self taught, early career or perhaps a MFA graduate in the other.

From there, our group will proceed to the Hiram Butler Gallery nestled in a delightful tree laden section of Houston called the Washington Corridor. Hiram Butler is one of Houston’s oldest galleries and has a strong tradition of Prints and Drawings and exhibits some of Houston’s best artists such as Joe Havel, Terrell James, as well as internationally famous artist such as Jennifer Bartlett and James Turrell.

Next stop on the tour – the Sicardi Gallery and McClain Galleries in the Upper Kirby District. Sicardi Gallery is the premier connection to Latin American art, showing modern and contemporary artists. McClain Gallery principals Robert and Cynthia Cage McClain,  have focused on the exhibition and the acquisition of museum quality artist such as John Alexander, Aaron Parazette, Louise Nevelson, Julian Schnabel and Cy Twombly, to name a few.

From there, we’ll head down the road for a cocktail reception at the Colton Farb Gallery where we will be fortunate to catch a glimpse of two of Houston best known artists, Sharon Kopriva and Angelbert Metoyer, as well as many beloved international artists.

Last but not least, we’ll stop at Moody Gallery, nestled in an area commonly referred to as Gallery Row or Colquitt Row, and one of 14 galleries in the neighborhood. Betty Moody, of Moody Gallery, is affectionately known as the grand dame of the Houston art community and has been a leading advocate of art and artists in Houston, helping make Houston the great art center it has become. Moody Gallery exhibits a selection of some of the leading artists in America.

While there isn’t enough time on the tour to see the other 13 galleries on Colquitt Row, we encourage AAMers and locals alike to come back soon to visit these gems.  We also recommend other Houston galleries such as Meredith Long, Archway Gallery, those on 4411 Montrose, including Anya Tish Gallery, Peel Gallery, and Barbara Davis Gallery, and the powerhouse group on Main Street, including Bryan Miller Gallery, Art Palace and Kerry Inman Gallery.

As for the exciting overview of Houston’s art scene that will be featured on the tour, we do hope you’ll join us. Space is limited, so please reserve your seat soon by sending an email with your contact information (name, company, email and phone) to albert@aamhouston.org by May 6. 


–Catherine Anspon, Gus Kopriva, and Wayne Gilbert


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