UPDATE: #aam2011?

Hash tags are a great way to follow a certain topic on Twitter. All the information is collected in one place and you can keep track of all the exciting things going on with one simple search.

Thus, I introduce you to #aam2011.  Get used to the sight of her. (Please note – the hash tag to use is #aam2011, not her sneaky twin sister #aam11)

You might have noticed on the right sidebar of the AAM website that we’ve already been using the hash tag, but we wanted to give her an official unveiling.

We also want to remind you that we want to hear about how you’re getting ready for Houston and what you’re doing while you’re in town for the conference.  Feel free to comment below and/or start tweeting about it!

You’ll be seeing more of #aam2011 during the next week on Twitter and definitely a whole bunch May 22–25. Be on the look out!

–Dewey Blanton, American Association of Museums


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