BOX 13 ArtSpace’s BOX of Curiosities – Portable Art on Demand (PODA) Project at Discovery Green

Imagine opening a storage unit and discovering a long lost collection that serves as a time capsule of objects and stories. This type of discovery happens daily at museums around the world. For the Portable On Demand Art (PODA) Project at Discovery Green during the AAM Annual Meeting, BOX 13 members, including myself, created a BOX of Curiosities.

Taking the format of a cabinet of curiosities, BOX 13 members Heather BauseElaine BradfordDennis HarperMichael HendersonKathy KelleyEmily Link David McClain, Tudor Mitroi, Dennis NanceKia NeillMark PonderJenny SchliefEmily Sloan and Maria Smits created a collection of artifacts referencing both true and imagined references to Houston and Texas history, science, geography, space exploration and beyond. The collection explores the role of museum collections and their influence on artistic practice.  Many visitors might recall other collections loved by Houstonians, including the Menil Collection’s Witness to a Surrealist Vision, Dolan Smith’s former Museum of the Weird, BOX 13 member Elaine Bradford’s Museum of Unnatural History or the Hyde Park Miniature Museum.

As AAM attendees spend the next few days thinking about “The Museum of Tomorrow,” we hope our BOX sparks your curiosity and makes you just a little nostalgic for the days of handmade labels, DIY displays and tall tales. While you are in Houston, we hope you’ll take some time to venture over to our vibrant East End art community working at BOX 13 ArtSpace.  Stop by BOX 13 ArtSpace on Saturday May 21, 2011 from 1-5 PM for the last day of the 2011 Texas Biennial on view in our galleries and to meet the artists behind the BOX.

BOX 13 ArtSpace is an artist run non-profit studio and exhibition space in Houston’s East End located at 6700 Harrisburg Boulevard. Gallery hours are Saturdays, 1-5PM, during exhibitions.

–Dennis Nance – BOX 13 ArtSpace, Vice President; Lawndale Art Center, Exhibitions & Programming Director; AAM 2011 Houston Hospitality & PR/Marketing Subcommittees member


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