What’s all the Stink About?

Social media is no longer a new frontier for Museums – most have a presence on Facebook, Twitter or some other social site. But I suspect the uncertainties associated with digital interaction still keep a lot of museum professionals up at night.

These uncertainties are also preventing organizations from realizing the true potential of authentic online interaction with their patrons.

In July 2010, something extraordinary happened at the Houston Museum of Natural Science: A corpse flower named Lois bloomed.

Well – started to, anyway. The full story of this stinky plant – and the community that exploded around her online, the “mystery” twitter account she inspired, and the thousands of people who streamed into the museum 24 hours a day to see her – is one that will take a bit longer to tell.

7.22.10 Amorphophallus titanum [5 pm]
Lois the Corpse Flower, in bloom – finally!

To tell it, we’ve brought staff – from online marketing to horticulture to customer service – together with the man behind @CorpzFlowrLois, one of Houston’s most beloved Twitter personalities.

The Plant Heard Around the World:
Using Social Media To Create A Community Phenomenon

Wednesday, May 25 | 2 – 3:15 pm
Room 361ABC

We’ll cover:

What the heck is a corpse flower – and why do so many people care?
Some random person gave your plant a voice – and it’s rated R. Why you shouldn’t panic.
People are tweeting up a storm – and blocking the hall. Blerg!
Congratulations, your web traffic has increased 5000% in a day! Now what?
How to get 400 people to show up for a tweetup – at midnight.
What you can do to be prepared – for anything.
Your questions!

 Who should come?

Pretty much anyone interested in communicating online. Digital natives will leave with tactics to implement and a healthy understanding of the risks involved in addition to convincing evidence of the power of online communications. Skeptics will have a chance to see how a social media program can go very right – and learn how to avoid going wrong.

Want to get a head start?

We’ve put together a bit.ly bundle with links to photos, videos, blog posts and press that we’ll reference in the presentation, including the full-length documentary produced by the Museum, with interviews with staff and patrons.

Hope to see you there!

Erin Flis , Director of Online Media, Houston Museum of Natural Science


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