Getting Happy at the House of Blues!

“Well, it’s certainly a different crowd than OTC!”

This was my husband’s opening comment when we strolled into the third floor performance hall at Houston’s House of Blues for the AAM opening night party. (For those of you who aren’t from around these parts, OTC is the annual offshore technology conference held each year here….**Quite** a different crowd.)

 Charles hangs out with engineers. I, for my part, was delighted at what I saw: My people, museum people, the people who submerge themselves in the deliciousness of life and celebrate it in all its expressions — the odd, the curious, the beautiful, the terrifying… You were finally here, in my hometown, “boogying” to classic 70’s disco belted out in near-perfection by Skyrocket, the amazing cover band from Austin. You were having fun. I was happy.

 I’m a member of the PR and Marketing Subcommittee and I can tell you a lot of work was done to make sure last night’s party was a proper launch for the conference. Skyrocket did not disappoint! I walked in during a Paul Simon tune and I had to look closely to see if it really were Mr. Simon on stage. Then there was “Shadow Dancing” by Andy Gibb… No, can’t be him, I know he’s no longer with us, but geez, I coulda sworn that was him… “Night Fever” sounded like all the BeeGees were on stage; I’d not heard a band cover so many hits and sound so much like the originals! They even channeled Michael Jackson beautifully, tho had to admittedly give the high notes to the female singer. Didn’t matter – they knew their business. And it was the fun stuff, the “get your groove on” sounds that wear well and it kept the feet tapping (and propelled me back into my teen-age years!)

Two desserts ruined the triathlon training diet I’ve been working on these past few weeks… In the main hall they served a scoop of New York cheesecake in a martini glass and we had our choice of luscious sauces and toppings and sprinkles to dress it with. I chose the dark chocolate and raspberry sauces, of course, for their antioxidant properties, as any newbie endurance athlete would.

I also couldn’t resist the bananas foster we discovered in the Foundation Room later in the evening. Bananas are rich in potassium, I reasoned… Can’t skimp on potassium, plus who can resist a dessert that comes with such drama, being set on fire before being served??

For those of you who didn’t make your way to the Foundation Room, I am so sorry… It’s wonderful. Fabric covered walls and ceilings, Hindu gods, carved stone trim, lush silk and velvet pillows… There are many wonderful, little-known nooks and crannies in Houston, but the Foundation Room is my favorite. It invites relaxation and loosening the limbs. Don’t miss it next time!

I hope you’re having a wonderful conference and are enjoying the wonderful sights and sounds Houston has to offer. We have more in store for you, so stay tuned!

— Cecelia Ottenweller, HexaGroup Creative,
member AAM 2011 PR & Marketing Subcommittee


One response to “Getting Happy at the House of Blues!

  1. I love your nutritional reasoning about the desserts, Cecelia – anti-oxidants and potassium, indeed. I beg a favor from all who attended; I lost a sentimentally-valuable brooch, probably at the House of Blues or perhaps on the bus home. If you found a mixed metals pin, in the shape of a parrot, inlaid with colorful feathers, please call my cell phone: 207-570-8038. I have left word along my trail, but when I saw this post, I could not resist adding a request. Thank you!

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