Take Note of This Man

Daniel Nierman has crossed paths with all 5,000+ attendees at the Annual Meeting. Nierman is an artist, a journalist and an educator. But he had touched everyone at the AAM meeting through his generous gift of the matchbook-sized notebooks included in all registrant tote bags. For the second year in a row, Nierman provided these invaluable items to the meeting gratis.

Nierman’s talents and entrepreneurship go well beyond notepads. He has designed artwork and posters for distribution in schools in his native Mexico for such clients as the Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design, Mexican national television, numerous Mexican museums and universities and the government Health ministry, as well as such corporate clients as Apple, IBM and Microsoft. He also created a collection of articulated wooden puppets in the likenesses of figures from famous paintings. This one-of-a-kind collection includes references to works by Bruegal and Chagall, among dozens of others.

Hailing from an artistic Mexican family, Nierman comes by his talent honestly. His father, Leonardo Nierman, is world-renowned. Commissioned works by his father hang in such esteemed venues as the Kennedy Center in Washington and Denver’s Symphony Hall.

Nierman visits the Annual Meeting every year, and plans to be on hand in Minneapolis/St. Paul a year from now, a fact worth noting.

–Dewey Blanton, AAM Director of Strategic Communications


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