What’s the Best Swag in MuseumExpo?

What’s the Best Swag in MuseumExpo?
This is a serious competition (there are talks of duels and hand-to-hand combat, but we try to discourage that behavior) and actually impossible to judge. So, rather than making a proclamation of who wins, let me just give you some highlights:

Evergreen Exhibitions: Do you heart math? If so, be sure to stop by Booth 422 and pick up a shirt. Just look at how happy it made @museums365.

MRA Experiential Tours & Equipment: Have you seen the giant semi in the left back corner of MuseumExpo? If you haven’t, you need to move in that direction. Inside the semi is a traveling exhibition about the Library of Congress. (They also have stress relief mini truck.)

Head to Booth 1605 and check out exhibit development firm Cinnabar. They have a wonderful wee notebook with a pen and sticky notes.  Definitely a perfect thing for jotting down quick notes during the rest of annual meeting.

Lamcraft is another must-see at Booth 304. They create custom laminated souvenirs for impulse purchases in your gift shop. To demonstrate their products they’ll turn your business card into a luggage tag.

The National Palace Museum, located right in front of the AAM showcase, has a wonderful interactive exhibit, not to mention a beautiful file folder, fan (perfect for the Houston heat), and a fun hat!

What’s been your favorite swag? Share your thoughts here or over on Twitter at #aam2011 or post a comment to this blog.

–Guzel du Chateau, AAM New Media Specialist


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