Nothing General About These General Session Performances

How was your first day at AAM? From the looks of #AAM2011 … you’re having a great time! Some braved the heat and humidity for the oldest and largest Art Car Parade in the world. Tonight’s festivities with Skyrocket at House of Blues will surely get you boogie-woogieing.  Save the shut-eye for your return home though because we have lots in store for you!

I got a sneak peak of the general session performances today as they rehearsed and I have to say – THEY ARE AWESOME! We’ve told you about it before but take it from me, don’t dilly dally getting into the General Assembly Theater tomorrow morning. Dominic Walsh takes the stage at 10:10am, followed immediately by HIStory and special guest Inertia Dance Company. Get in early and get a front row seat. I don’t want to give too much away … but you’ll oogle and giggle at Dominic Walsh’s Italian vignette with just enough flirtation and comedy … especially, Italian company member Domenico Luciano, named Best Male Dancer by Italy’s Leonide Massine award.  Dominic Walsh Dance Theatre has been my personal obsession for the past 3 years … creating new ballets, touring all over the world and leaving me speechless every performance.

But don’t get too comfy, HIStory & Inertia are going to ROCK YOUR WORLD! Their moves [and beats] even drew some AAM-ers  from the halls to get a sneak peak at their rehearsal  [sorry, if the music was too loud]. We were rockin’ out! Feel free to “Woot” and holler – you won’t be able to keep quiet during their performance.  And if you get front row seats … well, you’ll experience “in your face” like you never have.  That’s just how we roll in Htown.

You’ll have to wait til Wednesday to experience Hope Stone Dance’s The Cooking Show.  These ladies have a unique take on the old adage “You are what you eat.” It’s nothing short of REALLY, REALLY awesome.


I’m pretty sure they’re gonna blow your mind. But, then again, I’ve never been to AAM before. I’m just a Houston Arts addict. What are some of your past favorite AAM performances?

Thanks y’all! Talk to you on twitter … if you have any questions, tag is #AAM2011. We have most of the city following your tweets. We love having you here and hope you’re having a fabulous time.


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